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Note: the minimum donation amount is $10

Climate damage is here, now. But solutions are here, now too. And we are here, now. We have two climate election billboards up in key locations, and have plans for two more coming soon.

To make the next federal election a turning point we need to throw everything at it. Every donation – big or small – will help scale this campaign up.

Your gift will fund:

  • Advertising – hard-hitting social media, Google, YouTube, Spotify ads and street posters and billboards in key electorates
  • People power – massive doorknocks and phone banks to talk to voters about the issue in places where the vote is close
  • Data and technology – to scale up, target and measure our impact
  • Opinion polling – to show how many voters want climate action

ACF is funded by tens of thousands of Australians. We don’t accept funding from political organisations. This means our campaigns to protect our living world are fearless, objective and independent.