Note: Deadline to sign up is Wednesday 9 November 5pm AEDT, so we have time to create and send you your custom petition package.

Our Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators care deeply about what their constituents think. Visiting their office to drop off a petition with hundreds – and in some cases thousands – of signatures on it will make it abundantly clear that nature protection is a big local priority.

Sign up by Wednesday 9 November 5pm AEDT, so we have time to create your custom petition package. Then the week prior to 14 November we will email you a custom petition package to print and drop-off at your MP or Senator’s office, containing:

  • The number of petition signatures nationally, in your state/territory, and (if delivering to an MP) in your electorate
  • Some powerful stats and facts on threatened plants, animals and places in your state/territory
  • Solutions for how we can protect the nature and wildlife that still flourish, and work together to restore the places that have been damaged, and
  • An optional message template for you to fill in why you care about ensuring the forests, rivers, reefs and wildlife that we love and depend on thrive.

Please sign up as soon as possible to make sure we have time to get your custom petition package ready.

If you live in an electorate with a government (Labor) MP we encourage you to do the petition drop-off to their office. If you don’t have a government (Labor) MP, you could instead do a petition drop-off to one of your Labor Senators’ offices, so that members of our government in the Senate are also engaged.

You may wish to concentrate on a different party member (e.g. Coalition, Independent), that’s also very welcome – it’s important that all members of our Parliament understand the need for strong nature laws, whatever their party!

If you are not sure who your federal MP is you can look them up on the Australian Electoral Commission website. You can find your Senators on the Parliament of Australia website. 

Need more information? Have a read of the how-to guide, which you will also receive by email after signing up. 


Header: Annette Ruzicka