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Australia’s big four banks have a climate problem.

NAB, ANZ, Westpac and CommBank continue to fund huge coal and gas projects that are fuelling the climate crisis:

  • Since January 2016, ANZ has invested nearly $14 billion into fossil fuels, and $2.5 billion of this was for expansionary (new) projects. NAB, CommBank and Westpac are not far behind.
  • In November 2021, NAB and ANZ released new gas and oil lending policies that leave the door open for billions to flow to gas projects for decades to come.

The big banks talk a big game on climate, publicly supporting net zero by 2050 and promoting their investments in renewables. But solving the climate crisis means stopping funding the digging and burning of fossil fuels too.

Big banks have the unique power to direct billions into climate solutions that can drive the deep cuts to pollution needed this decade. Technologies like big batteries, electric cars and buses, and clean manufacturing are here and ready to take off.

Sign the petition to the big four banks – NAB, ANZ, Westpac and CommBank:

As community members, customers, shareholders, and employees, we call on all banks to:

  1. Commit to fully exit coal, gas and oil by 2030
  2. Take no part in new or expansionary coal, gas or oil projects.


Latest Supporters

Elisabeth 2022-03-11 09:41:36 +1100
Julie 2022-03-11 05:58:39 +1100
Enough’s enough!
Holly 2022-03-10 19:47:31 +1100
Australian business is being held back by management with no vision or commitment. They are missing out on valuable opportunities in renewables.
Kerry 2022-03-10 17:41:37 +1100
A complete exit from gas and coal, with subsidies removed for diesel, gasoline and other pollutants, is necessary and will spur international change, our example will show it CAN BE DONE. COMPLETE exit by 2030 is the only way to save our natural world, and show the world it can be done.

My idea: Remember the gun collection following a particularly gruesome incident in Australia’s history? What if people sent in their fossil-fuel vehicles and received a subsidy to purchase an electric vehicle instead. That would simplify the rollout astronomically, and be very well-supported
Chad 2022-03-10 15:51:43 +1100
Act now to invest in our future. Take the lead. You know what to do. If you don’t know, then your bank will become irrelevant.
Mark 2022-03-10 13:25:05 +1100
Remember the last week
We need to eat healthy
Not in flood
Remember First Nations
Renewable energy
Not fracking
Not coal
Not gas
Be clean
Jen 2022-03-09 17:52:34 +1100
You have added to escalating climate change because you are still heavily invested in fossil fuel.
You must commit to fully exit coal, gas and oil by 2030
Take no part in new or expansionary coal, gas or oil projects.

Otherwise if your actions and priorities do not change, you will harm further our earth and wildlife and displace many more communities because of increasing natural disasters due to climate change- eg catastrophic bushfires in 2019-2020, extreme flooding in NSW and Queensland.
Martin 2022-03-09 12:10:30 +1100
Annabelle 2022-03-09 11:48:22 +1100
Stop and think clearly by taking advice from experts.
Graham 2022-03-09 07:48:36 +1100
Isaac 2022-03-08 21:54:55 +1100
Please seriously consider moving out of coal, gas & oil funding by 2030 for the future of our planet – all people & all forms of life
Anna 2022-03-08 11:55:07 +1100
Jenny 2022-03-08 11:49:08 +1100
brenda 2022-03-08 11:39:13 +1100
Please acknowledge the climate crisis confronting our planet and withdraw finance from offensive industries.
Increasingly investors seek non offensive industries for ethical outcomes.
Consider your children & grandchildren.
Regards Peter
peter 2022-03-08 11:27:29 +1100
Ricci 2022-03-08 11:09:46 +1100
Ute 2022-03-08 10:42:11 +1100
It is imperative that we get out of fossil fuels for the sake of the planet. Think of our grandchildren and those that folllow on.
Joan 2022-03-08 10:23:12 +1100
I would like to see banks not funding coal and gas projects. Surely, the events in Australia would tell you that we need to do more to prevent climate change.
Beverley 2022-03-08 10:21:13 +1100
So much for the Big Banks public statements of support for tackling climate change. They need to put (or take way) their money where their mouth is.
Julie 2022-03-08 10:05:23 +1100
Mary 2022-03-08 09:55:04 +1100
Please stop funding fossil fuel projects our future generations depend on forward thinking statesmen in this critical phase of our planet.
David 2022-03-08 09:20:38 +1100
Kathryn 2022-03-08 08:58:53 +1100
Ruth 2022-03-08 08:34:15 +1100
Amanda 2022-03-08 08:21:58 +1100
Dacia 2022-03-08 07:51:38 +1100
Suzanne 2022-03-08 07:34:56 +1100
Alexandra 2022-03-08 07:20:32 +1100
If the Banking Industry is REALLY ‘looking after our financial future’, it will develop the conscience and ethical ‘muscle ’ to oppose ’investment’ (what a misnomer) in coal and gas.
Please, dig deep into your hearts and souls and make a stand now.
We are (ac)counting on you guys, the decision-makers.
Judy 2022-03-08 07:19:23 +1100
Jane 2022-03-08 01:08:31 +1100