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Right now, the ACF community is gearing up to give Adani everything we’ve got. 

We don’t have deep pockets like Adani. We don’t have millions of dollars to make flashy ad campaigns or hire lobbyists to sweet talk politicians. 

But we work in different currencies. Like passion. And people power. And our moral responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren a liveable planet.

Right now, together, we need to make the #StopAdani campaign thunder through our streets and reverberate all the way to Parliament House.

A brighter, better future, powered by sun, wind and waves is just around the corner. But it takes a unified movement, determination and most importantly, people like you.

Will you donate now to create the biggest movement in Australia’s history and stop this mine? 

You can make a one-off gift to power this and other critical work today. Or choose to a give a regular monthly gift to help tackle the big structural changes needed to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions.