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Uranium mining and radioactive waste pollutes our air, soil and water. It can damage the genetic reproductive systems of plants, animals and people.

Our work is part of decades of community effort uniting people for a nuclear free future. Donations from people like you power our work to make our campaigns possible. Your gift will help:

  • Direct a powerful, united movement at governments so they rule out all uranium mining - for good. 
  • Tirelessly advocate for the responsible management of radioactive waste in Australia.
  • Continue working alongside Aboriginal and rural communities facing nuclear challenges.
  • Facilitate a continuing public debate about the risks and responsibilities of our involvement in the global nuclear trade.

Decisions on handling radioactive waste last longer than this generation and it’s up to us to make sure our energy future is sun and wind powered, not nuclear.

You can make a one-off gift to power this and other critical work today. Or choose to a give a regular monthly gift to help tackle the big structural changes needed to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions.