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Right now, we are facing a pollution and extinction crisis that threatens us all. 

We have a huge task ahead of us, and as a passionate and generous citizen of the web of life, you play a vital role. 

Your gift today will help:

  • Expose the big polluters, hold our elected representatives to account and stop Adani’s mega coal mine from ever being built;
  • Direct a powerful, united campaign at our governments so they step up with strong policies and renewable energy targets to drive the transition towards clean energy;
  • Speak out for a nuclear free future and continue working alongside indigenous people and local communities facing destructive projects that threaten our land, water and Indigenous cultures;
  • Build a grassroots movement to ensure the Murray Darling Basin Plan is implemented in full and fair rules govern the river so all the fish, birds, farms and communities who depend on its water can thrive;
  • Develop a new generation of strong environmental laws to protect our forests and critters from logging and further habitat loss.

Together, we stand up for the places we love, so that we can share them with future generations.

You can make a one-off gift to power this and other critical work today. Or choose a regular monthly gift to back long-term campaigns for real change.​​