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With your gift, we will make the next election the climate election. This campaign is hugely ambitious and critically important – and it will take all hands on deck to make it happen.

Your gift will make it possible to:

  • Train volunteers across Australia to have meaningful conversations about the urgency of climate change with voters.
  • Skill up volunteer teams in impactful advocacy so they can meet their local MPs and voice the concerns of the community.
  • Commission investigative research into local climate impacts, so political candidates and journalists really understand what’s at stake.
  • Flood electorates with billboards, digital, radio and cinema ads so the climate election dominates all channels. 

By powering this campaign, together we can massively scale up the community pressure to give our next government no choice but to step up and stop climate damage. And that’s something you can proud of. 

ACF is funded by tens of thousands of Australians, not political organisations. This means our campaigns to protect our living world are fearless, objective and independent. Donate today to power our campaign at this critical time.