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In a healthy democracy, dollars don’t determine public policy, people do. Public debate is open, robust and vibrant – not dictated by the few with deep pockets.

But right now, egged on by the Big Coal lobby, the federal government is trying to silence criticism and severely restrict charities like us from speaking out for what really matters. They’re trying to pass a draconian package of laws that directly attacks the heart of democracy in Australia.

These laws would have a chilling effect on public debate in this country. They would impose extreme penalties on civil society organisations advocating for good – for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the planet and people we love. They would stifle people speaking out.

This is urgent. We need all hands on deck to stop these nightmare laws. Right now, we are running emergency briefings for MPs and the media. We’re banding together with our allies across civil society to amplify the voice of reason. Our community is roaring.

Can you donate today to defend our democracy?

Together we must stand up for our right to speak out.