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In a healthy democracy, public debate is open, robust and vibrant – not dictated by the few with deep pockets.

For the past five years, mining lobbyists have been using their money and power to try and silence people like us who want to speak up for a better world. They’ve been pushing the federal government to silence environment groups, community groups, and people like you who care.

The latest attack on charities is the worst ever and threatens the very existence of advocacy organisations like ACF.

That’s why, right now, we're ramping up a powerful new democracy campaign to make sure environment and community organisations can continue speaking out for the people, places and planet we all care about.

We are nature’s advocates. And we'll do what it takes to keep speaking out for what matters most – the air we breathe, the water we drink and the web of life we are all part of.

Now's the time for everyone who cares to stand up and be counted. 

Donate today and together let’s speak out for our right to speak out – and make our vision for a people-powered democracy in Australia a reality.