The big beef industry – made up of the big supermarkets, big agribusiness and the big banks that fund it – is the single biggest driver of deforestation in Australia.

They're making Australia the only deforestation hotspot in the developed world, and pushing animals like the pink cockatoo, koala and regent honeyeater closer to extinction.

Instead of working with producers to stamp out nature destruction, Agriculture Minister Murray Watt has hit out at the European Union for banning beef imports from properties where deforestation has occurred and called for them to delay their new laws.

We need all senior members of government working together to tackle the extinction crisis, not denying the problem. Minister Watt needs to front up to deforestation in the beef industry and do his part to stop it.

Send this pre-filled email to Murray Watt, calling on him to:

  • Do his part to deliver Australia’s commitment to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030
  • Work with producers to stamp out deforestation in the beef industry, and
  • Work with his colleagues in government to deliver the full package of strong nature laws promised in 2022.

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Banner image: land-clearing of critically endangered regent honeyeater habitat linked to a big beef producer, exposed by an ACF investigation.