Cricket is at risk of being bowled over by climate change.

The Hit for Six report released in England reveals that worsening climate change means more games postponed, an increased likelihood of heat stroke and poorer performance due to heat-affected cognitive deterioration.

Cricket Australia can lead the appeal for national and global action to cut climate pollution to zero and protect players, umpires and supporters by joining the UN’s Sport for Climate Action Initiative.

Grassroots players and supporters need Cricket Australia to go into bat for action to fix the root causes of climate change. That means knocking polluting fuels out of the park and pushing clean energy to the top of the batting order.

Join thousands of others in the ACF Community signing this petition asking Cricket Australia and other sports leaders to speak out for climate action.

Community sporting clubs already improve the health of millions of Australians every day. By speaking up they can be a powerful force for climate action that protects the sports we love and the health of our country.

Just think about how many of us play local sport across the country? And the huge audiences who watch sport who can be reached by our climate action message. That’s a LOT of people power!

Sign the petition, now!

Local cricket clubs across the country are having meetings to discuss how we can keep our junior players safe from the heat of increasing temperatures. 

Our young people can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults, leaving them much more susceptible to heat-caused illness. Especially when they’ve come straight from baking hot classrooms to play on pitches directly under the afternoon sun.

If we don’t speak out and grow the climate movement now, we risk putting all people who play sport at risk.

Ask Cricket Australia and all our sports organisations to be leaders and foster solidarity around climate action in Australia and globally.

At Lord's Cricket Ground in London – the world’s original cricket ground, built over two hundred years ago – the lights, tills and the big roller that flattens the pitch are all powered by 100% clean energy from the wind.

Climate change is not an unplayable Pat Cummins delivery. We have a clean energy solution and our sports leaders have a part to play.

Header pic by Glazzie Bush Pastor