Host your event on the platy-project website so that people in your community can RSVP and join in! It’s an easy way to keep track of RSVPs and to connect with new people in your area.

Visit* http://platy-project.acf.org.au and select ‘new event’, then:

  • Fill in the details about the event name, date, time and location
  • Include a description of your event including if there will be food, the exact meeting location, and anything else that’s important for guests to know
  • Once you click submit you’ll receive an email confirming the details of your event
  • Every time someone RSVPs to your event you’ll receive an email notification with their contact details.

*If you are part of an ACF Community group and already create events on SupporterBase – create your event in SupporterBase and email the event link to [email protected], and we can add it to the platy-project map for you.