In times of great uncertainty and crisis, we look after each other. It’s in our nature. Together, we supported people through drought, then bushfires and floods. Now, as we confront Coronavirus (COVID-19), I draw strength from the many acts of generosity and kindness from emergency services and healthcare workers, and every day people like you.

To keep each other and vulnerable people safe, we can’t come together in person at the moment.

We’ve postponed ACF face-to-face events for now, but the need for solutions to the climate and extinction crisis will not go away – so it’s time to respond creatively, work collaboratively and take care.

And although we’re taking extra precautions, we don’t need to feel isolated! Staying connected, checking in, taking care, combating loneliness – all of these things matter now more than ever.

Thanks to the ingenuity of engineers and scientists, we can now do much of this in digital spaces. It might be a little more challenging than usual, but for the safety of our community and vulnerable people, we’re going to give it our best shot.

Stay tuned to hear how you can keep one of the biggest social movements in history moving.

It’s been a difficult start to the year. Catastrophic bushfires, drought and floods. And now Coronavirus is having a big impact on people right across the globe. These are uncertain and challenging times, but we can and will continue our collective work creating a kinder, fairer and healthier world.

Thank you and take care. 

Kelly O’Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.