Let’s get to work.

Can we count you in to come to our national tour?

Climate damage is here, now. But solutions are here, now too. And we are here, now. We are the people who will raise our voices and our votes to demand our next government stop polluters burning coal and back 100% clean energy from the sun and wind.

We’re kicking off a huge new conversations campaign, starting now, until the next federal election. We’ll share our strategy to have thousands and thousands of conversations about the people we love, stopping climate damage, and how we can use our voices and votes to demand action – here, now.

Are you ready to get to work?

Canberra – YWCA, Tuesday 22 May at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Sydney – Redfern Town Hall, Wednesday 23 May at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Brisbane – East Brisbane Bowls Club, Thursday 24 May at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Hobart – Sustainable Living Tasmania, Monday 4 June at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Melbourne – Abbotsford Convent, Tuesday 5 June at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Adelaide – Adelaide Town Hall, Wednesday 6 June at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Perth – City West Lotteries House, Thursday 7 June at 6pm – RSVP NOW

Come to Count Me In@

When the political parties are spending squillions of dollars on advertising in the heat of an election campaign, it will be too late to set the agenda. That’s why we’re starting now.  The persuasive impact of a TV ad dissolves in three to five days. But people remember a genuine, values-based personal conversation for months, even years.

Through conversations we’ll take people on a journey from powerless to empowered.

First, we’ll talk about the deep motivations for action – like the people we love. We’ll get inspired by the times we’ve stood up together and won. We’ll talk about the power of our voices and our votes when we’re organised together.

We’ll start local, talking to friends, families, neighbours. Closer to the election, we’ll focus on the places that matter politically – where there is a close contest between parties on the issues their constituents care about.

This is the work that will make the next election a turning point – where Australians vote to stop polluters burning coal and choose clean energy to protect life.

This is big. Come to Count Me In. Hear our strategy and connect with people who are determined to be part of the change we need, here, now. Then let’s get to work.

Paul Sinclair

Campaigns Director at the Australian Conservation Foundation.