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Climate damage is here, now.

Big polluters are burning coal — heating our planet and harming the people, wildlife and places we love.

But solutions are also here, now.

We’ve come up with an ambitious new campaign to create one million conversations across the country about stopping climate damage.

By getting the whole nation talking we can make stopping climate damage the big issue at the next election. Our next government will have no choice but to step up and act.

Can we count on your donation today?

With your special gift, we can:

  • Support people in the community who step up to host events and create conversations in their local area, by providing them with a comprehensive conversation toolkit.
  • Hit the streets to conduct climate surveys and drive powerful conversations that move voters to use their voice and vote to stop climate damage.
  • Develop scalable dialling technology to exponentially increase our capacity to call our community and reach our one million conversations target.

Together, let’s make the next federal election one where Australians vote to stop polluters burning coal and choose clean energy to protect life.