You might like to set a time and date before asking people, or work out a time once you know who’s coming – it’s up to you!

If you’re hosting online, make sure you use a platform that everyone has access to. Zoom is great but has a 45-minute limit on free accounts, you could also use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp video-call functions.

Please observe all restrictions on gathering with others relevant to where you live. If you are permitted and decide to host a gathering in-person, you might like to provide some snacks and drinks for your guests!

The rest of this toolkit contains a step-by-step session plan for your event, which in summary is as follows:

Step 1: Welcome and context (~10 minutes). This gives people an overview of what to expect in the Action Hour, and a chance for people to meet each other.
Step 2: Hear each others' views (~15 minutes). This gives people time to talk about their views on climate solutions, and what they took away from Fight for Planet A.
Step 3: Take action together (~30 minutes). This is when you’ll spend time together taking action: first writing to your local MPs, second writing to a superannuation fund or big bank.
Step 4: Conclusion (~5 minutes). This is when you wrap up, ask your guests if they'll host their own Planet A Action Hour, and take a group photo!

If you’d like more information or support, please join a host support session. See upcoming dates above in the section called 'Support from the team at ACF'.