ACF Community groups are taking action right across Australia to stop climate damage and speak up for our living world.

People like you, organising locally and acting collectively made climate damage a huge election issue.

But the results show we still have a lot of work ahead of us. With serious action on climate damage unlikely to come from our leaders, the only way forward is to amass unprecedented people power. We need to open dialogue with communities we’ve not yet been able to reach and continue building from the bottom up.

That's why right now we’re asking you to help build the voice and connections your community needs.

Join our "how to join or start a local ACF community group" webinar for an introduction to our growing network of groups. We'll cover how they take action and our strategy for creating long-term and lasting change. Whether you are interested in joining a group or starting your own, coming to our intro webinar is a great place to start. You can also check to see if there is an existing group in your area. 

Joining an ACF Community group means

  • Being part of a fun local group of people who care about making a real difference.
  • Getting trained up, learning how to meet with your MP, work with local media and more.
  • Having the opportunity to step into leadership roles and build people power in your community.

These webinars start at 6:30pm AEST and go for one hour. You will receive a confirmation email with the log-in details when you sign up.