People-powered movements are rising – from the frontlines of disasters like the current bushfires to the millions taking to the streets for global climate strikes. At times of crisis, we must strengthen our resolve and come together and demand climate action. ACF Community groups are working together to solve the climate crisis and demand our leaders step up.

Join our national webinar on how to join or start a local ACF community group 👉 to find out how you can connect with other like-minded and fun people in your area to help solve the climate crisis. You'll make change locally, and be part of a big, supportive national network pushing for a future where our communities, wildlife, rivers and forests thrive.

By being part of an ACF Community group, you'll

  • Get training and support to have powerful conversations with people in your community, influence key stakeholders, work with local media, run great events and build local alliances.
  • Meet people and make new friends, essential for community and personal resilience in challenging times.
  • Increase your impact! Working together amplifies our voice, and massively increases what we can achieve.

This is our year to be bold and to act. Sign up for our webinar to find out how! 

What: National webinar – How to join or start an ACF Community group
2020 dates to be announced – sign up and we'll be in touch soon!
Where ever you are! We join together online using Zoom (like Skype).