ACF understands the importance of ACF Community groups having access to supporter data in their local area to promote and run local activities. In order to have access to any supporter data – including via SupporterBase – community group members need to understand ACF's and their own obligations under Australian privacy laws.

Please carefully read the following information and then take the ACF Community - Supporter Data Privacy Quiz below.

What you need to know

  • What information is covered by the Privacy Law?
  • What are ACF's obligations?
  • What are your obligations?

Australian Privacy Law

  • Under the Privacy Act there are 13 Australian Privacy Principles that ACF has to comply with
  • There is an Australian Privacy Commissioner who has extensive powers
  • There are Penalties of up to $1.2 million per breach
  • There is mandatory reporting of data breaches

What information is covered by Privacy Law?

"Personal Information" = anything that identifies a person.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A person's name
  • Photos and videos
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

Security of personal information

Under Australian privacy law, ACF must take reasonable steps to protect supporter personal information from:

  • Interference
  • Misuse
  • Loss
  • Unauthorised access
  • Disclosure

Community group access to supporter data

  • ACF understands the importance of ACF Community groups having access to supporter data in their local area for promoting group meetings, events and activities
  • ACF needs to ensure that supporter data is properly protected from inappropriate disclosure and use
  • The obligations on ACF Community groups with respect to supporter data not only helps ACF meet its legal obligations but is respectful of ACF supporters

Your privacy obligations

Access to data

  • Only access data ACF has specifically given you access to
  • Data is only to be accessed by group members who have
    • Completed ACF Privacy Training
    • Signed ACF Supporter Data Privacy Agreement
  • Data is not to be accessed by/shared with others

Use of data

  • Only use data for promoting Community Group meetings, events and activities
  • Make sure communications are consistent with ACF Community Principles (non-partisan, respectful etc)
  • Do not misuse data by:
    • Accessing it for your own purposes
    • Allowing unauthorised access to it
    • Providing data to others

Security of data

  • Always ensure your login ID/password are secure and never give it to others
  • If you use NationBuilder, only log in using a secure device
  • If you save, download or otherwise take a copy of data, always store the copy in a secure environment (electronic and/or physical) and securely delete/destroy the copy when use is complete
  • You are responsible for the security of data you access
  • Immediately report any issue that may compromise security of supporter data

Once you have carefully read the above information, take the Supporter Data Privacy Quiz below. By completing the quiz, you'll be agreeing to the ACF Community Data Privacy Agreement.