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Climate pollution continues to rise and hot waters risk the reef, with devastating coral bleaching. At the moment the Turnbull Government is not doing enough to see a healthy future for the Reef due to lack of action on climate change. We need to let our political leaders know we need more action, and being an election year - we have a real plan to make our community power the new energy for the future.

This election, candidates have a choice: Let companies pollute our air and damage our climate. Or champion a clean energy transformation plan.

Our job is to speak out, show up and act, so our political leaders and candidates hear loud and clear that Australians want elected representatives with a vision and a plan for clean energy, a thriving Reef, clean air and water.

We'll be getting together to reach out to other ACF supporters to let them know how they can get involved in this election.

Join us at the ACF Election HQ to make the calls that grow our community power and pressure political parties to compete for our votes.

Phones, training, pizza and lots of fun times provided.

We cannot wait to see you!