In New South Wales, our big old trees are disappearing – fast.

In the twenty years since our state and federal governments made dodgy deals called Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs), logging companies have clear-felled, bulldozed and burnt tens of thousands of hectares of forests.

We can stop this. The NSW government is inviting public input into extending these dodgy deals for another two decades. The window for comments closes on 12 March.

Write a personal email to Premier Berejiklian, Prime Minister Turnbull and other key decision makers, asking them to close these logging loopholes.

Why the Regional Forest Agreements must end

  • These deals are lawless logging loopholes – when there’s an RFA in place, loggers don’t have to follow federal environment laws. They can clearfell ancient trees and destroy the homes of critically endangered wildlife without approval or oversight.
  • The RFAs are so outdated, they don’t even mention climate change or the vital role big old trees play in safely storing carbon.
  • The RFAs ignore our international commitments to protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change.