Register to climb and let's reach new heights together!

Some might say that Australia doesn’t have a lot on offer when it comes to impressive peaks and mountain ranges. Obviously, I disagree.

CEO Kelly O'Shanassy on top of mountain in Coral Coast, Western Australia
Here I am hiking along the beautiful Coral Coast in Western Australia.

But one thing we definitely do agree on is that we don’t have an impressive climate action plan. That’s where we’re really at the bottom of the hill.

And while we might not be able to change how some people feel about our peaks and mountain ranges, we can certainly do a lot more on our climate plan. Getting our elected leaders to act meaningfully on climate can feel like an uphill battle - but we’re going to do something about it. And that starts with you.

I am proud to invite you to join us on a brand new adventure – ACF’s first ever Climb It For Climate, a fun and physical fitness challenge where you’ll get to experience the great outdoors and help fundraise for one of the most important issues of our time.

For the month of May, we’re asking you to change your altitude to help fight climate change.


It could be bumping up the number of stairs you climb in a day, rounding up your mates for some awesome weekend hikes or even jumping on the Stairmaster at the gym – fully kitted out in lycra, of course!

Because by elevating yourself, you'll elevate the issue of climate damage.

CEO Kelly O'Shanassy hikes up a mountain in Ironbound Range, TasmaniaHere I am climbing the Cathedral Ranges, Victoria. If you don't like cliffs, you can climb stairs, hills – whatever you can think of!

Here’s how it works:

  • Register here to climb stairs, hills or mountains to achieve a target height.
  • Choose your target elevation and set your fundraising goal.
  • A personalised fundraising page will be created just for you.
  • Friends and family can sponsor you by making a tax-deductible donation - inspiring you to reach new heights!
  • Log your daily stairs or climbs and update your sponsors on your progress.
  • Funds raised will power ACF’s advocacy work.

I’ve climbed some of the best places that Australia has to offer – so if you can, I want you to challenge yourself and join me!


Any hill or set of stairs is your friend. And speaking of friends, Climb It For Climate is a community event - share this challenge with your mates and you’ll have an even greater impact.

Sign up to our elevation challenge today, climb the equivalent of some of Australia’s greatest peaks and raise funds at this critical point in our lifetime.

Climb It For Climate will give you the chance to enjoy and appreciate nature while raising funds to help solve the climate crisis.

We’re asking hundreds of thousands of people in our ACF community and beyond to join us in this landmark challenge. The issue of climate change needs to be elevated - and we think this might be a good way to do just that.

Register for Climb It For Climate today, ACF’s newest and biggest fundraising challenge to date. And if you think there haven’t been enough mountain-related puns in this email don’t worry, there’s plenty more coming your way. We haven’t peaked yet!

See you on the trails!

P.S. I understand this event might not be for everyone, but if you’d still like to show your support please sponsor Harvey – one of our youngest climbers – he’d really love that :)


Kelly O’Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.