The Liberal Party is destroying itself because a few politicians cannot bring themselves to act to protect people and nature from climate damage. They have repeatedly wrecked efforts to cut pollution and now want Australia to abandon the global Paris Agreement .

The new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was the man who laughed as he tossed a lump of coal in Parliament. The dirty prop was supplied by industry lobby group, the Minerals Council of Australia.

Enough. This must stop. The decade of wrecking must end.

1600 winter bushfires raged across Queensland and NSW last week, leaving experts “gobsmacked”.

I want to give my huge thanks to everyone who has donated and volunteered already in the campaign. You power everything. We are ready. We are organised. And together we will now scale this up to have a big impact at a critical time in our country’s history.

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Our strategy is to talk to Australians who live in places where votes are close, and turn community concern about climate damage into a commitment to vote on the issue. Together, our actions will make the difference.

Come to a climate election campaign launch

Alice Springs campaign launch – Friday 24 August

Macnamara campaign launch (South Melbourne) – Saturday 25 August

Chisholm campaign launch (Forest Hill) – Sunday 26 August

Canberra campaign launch – Tuesday 28 August

Sydney campaign launch – Wednesday 29 August

Newcastle campaign launch – Thursday 30 August

Adelaide campaign launch – Tuesday 4 September

Melbourne campaign launch – Thursday 6 September

Sunshine Coast campaign launch – Tuesday 11 September

Brisbane campaign launch – Wednesday 12 September

Gold Coast campaign launch – Thursday 13 September

Join the ACF Community at a local doorknock

St Kilda community doorknock – Saturday 1 September

Burwood community doorknock – Saturday 1 September

Wynnum community doorknock – Sunday 9 September

Mount Gravatt community doorknock – Saturday 15 September

Windsor community doorknock – Saturday 15 September

Box Hill community doorknock – Sunday 16 September

St Kilda East community doorknock – Saturday 6 October

Box Hill community doorknock – Sunday 7 October

Volunteers at the Bonner climate election launch

I’ll give you a full update on what we’re doing and why this matters at the climate election strategy briefing on Monday night.


Paul Sinclair

Campaigns Director at the Australian Conservation Foundation.