No matter what kind of stress or anxiety you’re experiencing, mindfulness is always a good idea and can be helpful when we are overcome by climate anxiety.

Mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment by taking time out from other stimulation and noticing our thoughts, feelings and sensations without judgement. Some techniques include:

  • One-minute breathing exercise — Sit with your back straight but relaxed. For a minute, focus your attention on your breathing, how air passes in and out of your nostrils, and how your abdomen rises and falls with each breath. When thoughts begin to take over, gently let them go and bring your awareness back to your breathing.
  • Check in with yourself — Bring yourself into the present moment by asking yourself, ‘What is going on with me at the moment?’ Don’t judge yourself during this process. You may start to feel like more of an observer instead of someone reacting to thoughts and feelings.
  • Exercise — Just a simple walk can help us feel better. No matter the location, take the time to notice any positive little things such as a colourful flower or interestingly shaped cloud. Make sure any other thoughts that creep in are acknowledged but quickly bring your attention back to your surroundings.

If you need further support, there are a number of professional services that can help. Check the Caring for your mental health section at the bottom of this page for more information.