It’s official. It will be enshrined in law. The Albanese Government’s Climate Change Bill has passed the Senate and Australia now has an emissions reduction target of 43% by 2030.

Finally, after years of communities around the country speaking out, our elected representatives have heard us and taken this important first step. All the letters to to MPs, stickers on our cars, conversations deep in our communities and more – together we keep building a movement that wins over hearts, minds, and elected representatives.

We thank our decision-makers in Canberra for ending a decade-long standstill and putting us back on course to becoming a force for climate action. Catch up on the full details of the bill and what it means for lowering Australia’s emissions.

A lot has shifted since the May federal election. At this critical juncture, how are you feeling about the progress our new Parliament is making on climate action? Let us know in this quick 4-question survey so our team can effectively represent your views as we keep working with decision makers to keep ramping up our Parliament’s ambition.

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We’d like to acknowledge the independent and Greens members from both the lower and upper houses who brought forth a range of amendments that strengthened the bill before it passed.

As the devastating floods in Pakistan and heatwaves in China show, we must reduce emissions and global heating urgently to protect our communities from increasingly severe disasters.² Australia is still one of the world’s biggest exporters of coal, gas and uranium. Together we must push for even greater ambition this decade to protect communities and nature from climate impacts.

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in November presents us with a fantastic opportunity.³ It will bring world leaders to Egypt for critical negotiations on slashing pollution here and globally, including ending public fossil fuel finance and slashing methane pollution.

At ACF we’re advocating for a broad range of climate solutions to do everything we can to cut pollution. Together, we are researching, campaigning and talking to decision-makers about investment in renewables, clean transport, more transparent political donations and much more.

We want to know which climate solutions are most important to you, and which you want to learn more about. Take this 4-question survey and let us know.

The Albanese Government's Climate Change Bill has passed the Senate

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Moments like this are only possible because hundreds of thousands of us speak up together for years right around the country. At this important moment, we want to check in on how you’re feeling.

We’ll use your responses to help inform how we now work with our Parliament to keep climate solutions moving forward – and to help us better engage our community on the range of climate solutions we need to advocate for together.

Thank you. Together, let’s keep speaking out and showing up!


¹ BBC ‘How Pakistan floods are linked to climate change

² Chatham House ‘What is COP27?


Pj Jacobs

National Climate Change Campaigner