How long should the doorknock be?

If all the volunteers are experienced, allow 2.5-3 hours: two hours for doorknocking, plus 15-30 minutes at the start to distribute materials and check in on any recent political moments or talking points, and 15-30 minutes at the end to debrief, tally results and decide when to do it next. Many groups organise to have a meal, drink, or coffee together at the end to make it more social.

If you have one or two new volunteers, add half an hour to give them an overview at the start, then pair them with experienced volunteers who can answer any other questions they have as they doorknock.

If you have several new volunteers, allow at least 4 hours total, since you will also need to train the the new people.

What time of day?
Try to organise your doorknock to avoid knocking at mealtimes, e.g between 9am-1pm or 1.30pm-5.30pm on weekends (knocking doors for two hours in the middle), or on weeknights before dinner.

Where should we doorknock?
Check with your ACF community organiser for a map of priority areas in your electorate. 
You’ll need to pick a venue for people to meet at and have a briefing. Meeting rooms at your library, a quiet space in a local cafe, a nearby park (weather dependent!) or your home are all good options.