Does your group agree to the Child Safety Code of Conduct policy?

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While our community groups are made up of adults, we know great things happen when we join forces with the younger generation to protect this beautiful planet. To help keep everyone safe while we do this we are asking groups to sign on to the Child Safety Code of Conduct.

The Child Safety Code of Conduct is outlined in this document. 

1. Circulate to group members and encourage everyone to read before your next meeting.
2. Add it to the agenda for your next group meeting to discuss. 
3. Have a conversation about the Code of Conduct! Once you've agreed to sign-on, group leaders can fill out the adjacent form. 

If your group has any questions regarding the Code of Conduct please email ACF Head of People and Culture, Claire Harman.

Additionally, we’re encouraging community group members to get a Working With Children Check (WWCC) or its equivalent in your state. While this isn’t mandatory, it’s another way that you can demonstrate your commitment to working safely with children and it's free to volunteers. I’ve included directions on how to apply for a WWCC below.

How to Apply for a Volunteer Working With Children Check (or its equivalent)

  • The application websites are hyperlinked here by state: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and ACT.
  • You will need to have multiple forms of ID handy (ie. passport, medicare card, drivers license) when you apply.
  • Once you have your  forms of ID handy, please follow the prompts on the application form.  When asked to select the type of volunteering you will do with children, you can select: “42 Clubs, associations or movements of a cultural, recreational or sporting nature”
  • Once you have received your Working with Children Check (WWCC) or its equivalent, please let the National Development Organiser, Ken know by emailing a copy to [email protected]
  • If you already have a WWCC (or its equivalent) – brilliant! Please email a copy to Ken at [email protected]