ACF’s campaigns and programs are developed with deep consideration into how we can be most effective and impactful, and adapt over time to changing environmental, political and societal contexts.

Given your gift may not be realised for many years into the future, we cannot guarantee what campaigns and activities we will be pursuing at the time your will comes into effect. While you are free to direct your gift towards a particular purpose, there is always a risk that we will be unable to accept the gift if we cannot apply it in the way you’ve set out in your will.

It is for this reason that we suggest you do not limit your gift by making it for a specific purpose. A flexible bequest will achieve maximum impact, because even if it isn’t realised for decades to come, it can be directed towards issues of the greatest urgency where funds are needed most.

The team at ACF is so grateful for the trust our donors place in us to make the most impactful use of their donations.