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It’s been an eventful few weeks in Deakin! Thanks to all your hard work we’ve launched our campaign, started knocking on doors, holding stalls, and having conversations from the hub. In just the last six days we’ve collected over 100 pledges, and we’re now at a total of 167 - over 10% of the way to our goal of 1500. 

Because we’re doing so many activities, many of them in small groups, we think it’s important to make a regular time to get together as a larger group - to learn from each other what’s been working, discover what’s been challenging, and to plan next steps.

We’d like to get together for a regular ‘campaign catch-up’ one night a week, to debrief and plan over pizza. Jane and I can also use these moments to fill you in on the bigger picture of what our organisations are doing across Victoria and the rest of the country.