Report back your call to Woolies

Make a quick phone call to Woolies head office today and ask them why they still haven’t heeded the call of thousands of Australians and cut ties with the Business Council of Australia.

Thanks to a tip-off, we’ve heard it only takes ten calls a day to raise the alarm bells within Woolies headquarters. If we all take three minutes to make a call we can metaphorically smash their alarm bells and show Woolies this is an issue that will not go away.

Ask Woolies to cut ties with the BCA.
Report back your call so we can count our impact!

Call Woolies on 1300 767 969

Calling tips

  • When you call, you will be prompted to direct your call by pressing numbers on your phone. To navigate these prompts, press 3 in the first menu and press 3 in the second menu.
  • You will be put on hold, but it shouldn't take longer than two minutes before you are put through to a Woolies customer service representative
  • Be friendly and polite! Our concern is with Coles and Woolies, not its employees.
  • Ask for Coles and Woolies to cut ties with the BCA. Climate damage is here, now – we must end digging and burning coal and the lobbies that prop up the dirty industry.
  • Share your support for Woolies’ work on being the first major Australian retailer to install commercial solar across its rooftops and energy efficient lighting and fridges inside its stores. Remind them that being a member of the BCA is at odds with building a better world.
  • Ask Woolies staff what they think, see if you share common views.
  • These calls don’t have to be long – the sheer number of calls is what will have an impact, so feel free to make it quick!

Latest Supporters

I spoke with Kate at Head Office,
Kate was very helpful & understanding.
She typed up my spoken request for
“Woolworths to cut ties with the BCA. The BCA is a coal lobby group that encourages digging & burning coal .”
David 2019-12-14 11:49:52 +1100
Tried to call
Barry 2019-12-14 11:32:58 +1100
The phone number you provided did not give the option to speak to the head office and instead I had to make a choice from the plethora of options and so opted for products and services at Woolworths supermarkets but just got put on hold for 10 minutes so finally gave up ! I suggest you provide us callers with a Main office number, kind regards Kate Donovan
Kathleen 2019-12-14 11:31:24 +1100
It went well.
I started by saying that I have noticed what Woolies are doing to present a healthier product & presentation…but I personally have stopped using Woolies because of their work with the BCA
The woman I spoke to stressed all the ‘Good’ that the BCA are doing and I politely replied it will probably be of no benefit if The Main Urgent Issues are not addressed….I told her my main motivation is my 5 year old Granddaughter who will be living in the World in 30years from now…we can change this..I remained calm and asked that she register my protest….I sensed she was onside & sympathetic…👏
Ria 2019-12-14 11:25:02 +1100
The Woolworths employee to whom I spoke, was quite well informed and polite. She said that for now that is their policy and they make enough efforts regarding the climate change. I pointed out that still in Canberra the government refuses to acknowledge the reality and it would help, if such a big brand like Woolworths was no mo part of BCA.
jiva 2019-12-14 09:32:51 +1100
Still to make
Colleen 2019-12-14 08:03:35 +1100
SiYao 2019-12-14 07:37:50 +1100
John 2019-12-14 07:21:38 +1100
i told them what i want them to do
maryellen 2019-12-14 03:18:09 +1100
David 2019-12-13 20:38:06 +1100
Just wondering why you haven’t cut ties with the BCA yet? Look around huge droughts, fires out of control and record breaking temperatures. You owe it to the planet.
Thanks, from me and my 6yr old daughter.
Steve 2019-12-13 20:09:22 +1100
I had to ring head office in Sydney on 8885 0000. Was put on hold for ages! Obviously is their tactic. I got sick of the horrendous jingle! After 10 minutes, I gave up. Will try again on Monday.
Melissa 2019-12-13 17:24:59 +1100
Very polite, documented call as I was speaking. Said he understood my concerns and would pass on my request to the business team.
Christine 2019-12-13 17:01:29 +1100
8 minute wait now as they said unexpectedly high volume of calls. I was assured they are trying to change BCA opionion on issues. I said I thought that would be very challenging.
Susan 2019-12-13 16:37:41 +1100
Initially I tried their call back feature. But it the call back was instant, my phone didn’t ring and it went straight to voicemail.

Tried a second time and endured the over-loud saccharine musac… enough to put you off shopping there ever again.

The service rep said they had received lots of calls on the issue. I spoke of BCA promoting fossil fuels and how this is not compatible with Woolies image. I acknowledged what I know they are doing for the planet expressing my appreciation for their organics. They were very understanding and polite, though I think were scripted to talk about all the things they are doing for the planet. We spoke of climate change as contributing to the NSW files and the rep is personally affected by them.

I was told that my concern would be passed onto ‘the appropriate department’.
Tim 2019-12-13 16:15:51 +1100
Patricia Wood
Patricia 2019-12-13 16:12:21 +1100
That they were reducing emissions by 13% by 2015. Nothing about BCA. But said they would pass on my concerns.
Lisa 2019-12-13 16:11:01 +1100
customer service rep said my concerns had been noted

lets see what next !
David 2019-12-13 16:03:18 +1100
No luck. I was left hanging on the phone. The strategy is to put the call through to a hub, with an assurance that my call would be attended. Zero resuly
Helen 2019-12-13 15:50:24 +1100
Ray Welsh
I spoke to member of dispatch team who promised to forward the message up the line to superiors.
Ray 2019-12-13 15:25:21 +1100
William 2019-12-13 15:18:23 +1100
I spoke to Woolies staff member who was very sympathetic & understanding of the reason I was phoning. He had taken 3 calls already regarding the same concern of Woolies ties with BCA who promote coal power. He read out the note he’d typed outlining my concerns & would pass it up the line. I mentioned that as I live close to the bush, with the recent fires spread throughout East Coast of Australia it was a concern Woolies should still work with BCA.
Fiona 2019-12-13 15:18:06 +1100
The customer service person said she would pass on my request for Woolies to cease menbership of the BCA. She commented that she knew Woolies were in wide ranging discussions with BCA over the issue of the climate changes impacts of some of its processes.
Mick 2019-12-13 15:13:17 +1100
i called, they understood my concerns and will pass the feedback up to senior managment as per their internal processes.

Hopefully the more we all call, the more pressure builds upon them. :)
jonny 2019-12-13 15:07:37 +1100
I politely told Woolies that I am one of 50,00 people who signed a petition for it to cut ties with BCA. I also politely told Woolies that I and my family are boycotting Woolworth’s stores until a positive statement is made. The Woolies rep said that she has noted my concern and would pass the message to the appropriate management.
Barrie 2019-12-13 14:52:29 +1100
A prepared speech was read out with no comment from the reader.
They said they intend to remain in the BCA .
Barry 2019-12-13 14:45:31 +1100
Lindsay in Sydney head office said that WW didn’t agree with all BCA policies, but worked with BCA on regional indigenous employment & other issues. He explained several excellent environmental policies WW had introduced. I asked him to ensure that WW strongly raises issues with the BCA to encourage environmentally policies that Australia urgently needs. Olive
olive 2019-12-13 14:42:45 +1100
Stan 2019-12-13 14:41:06 +1100
Denise – Don’t know much about BCA, went into canned scrit rebuttal & advised that I knew what she was doing, asked her again and was silent.

Adivsed her that I did not buy much from Woolworth’s i.e. Milk & Nuttlex, bought only fresh from Markets and did not deal with either duopoly at all.

Advised that they deal with BCA on many issues and remideder her that the stance taken by Woollies & Coles against farmers for their milk was thuggery, and yes I did not mind if the Corporate woinders decided to get their heads out of their bubble and take on board the concerns of the community regarding thier practices and association with BCA, which flies in the face of their stated objectives.

Took my mobile details and name for further contact regarding BCA.

If they call me they will get one BIG surprise, as I’m across many campaigns regarding fair business practices (fair trade) and Climate Change.
Heather 2019-12-13 14:33:09 +1100
The customer service person said he would “write up a formal ticket” to pass up the line. He did this including in it my name, email address and my request that Woolworths sever its ties with the BCA because of the BCA’s bad policy on climate change.
Peter 2019-12-13 14:30:47 +1100