Yesterday’s UN report makes it clear – burning coal and gas is literally cooking our planet. That our government is even contemplating Adani’s mega-polluting mine right now is unfathomable.

Right now, the Morrison Government is under enormous global pressure to act. As Ban Ki-moon says, “Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in the message. Leaders must act.”

Morrison’s response? Mumbling about “global climate conferences and all that nonsense.”

It’s time to ramp up the pressure at home and remind our PM of his role.

As the leader of this country, it is his moral imperative to act now and make a plan to transition to clean energy. As the world's biggest exporter of coal, our government needs to stop being part of the problem and step up to the lead the solution.

Our government can phase out coal and ramp up renewables in a planned and orderly manner, or the transition will be fast, chaotic and disruptive. The end of coal is inevitable – and urgent. Ask him to get on with it.