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The Labor Party is still tying themselves in knots about Adani. They need to hear from us encouraging them to reject this polluting coal mine.

This is Labor’s Franklin River moment. This decision will go down in Australian environmental history. The ALP are so close, but we need to get them over the line.

Give them the courage and confidence to make the right decision!

Will you call one – or many! – of these key people in Labor's Cabinet and encourage them to make a clear public statement opposing this dangerous mine? 

Calling tips

  • When you call, you might speak to a staffer. Ask them to leave a message for the Shadow Minister. If you can't get through, keep trying!
  • Be polite and encouraging – we want them to make a good decision!
  • Talk about why you care about this 
  • Be specific – ask them to make a clear public statement opposing Adani's mine  
  • For more tips, check out this toolkit

Get dialling!

Here are the phone numbers for the Canberra offices and electorate offices.

Tanya Plibersek – 02) 6277 4404 or 02) 9379 0700

Chris Bowen – 02) 6277 4822 or 02) 9604 0710

Tony Burke – 02) 6277 4410 or 02) 9750 9088

Anthony Albanese – 02) 6277 4664 or 02) 9564 3588

Mark Dreyfus – 02) 6277 4205 or 03) 9580 4651

Mark Butler – 02) 6277 4089 or 08) 8241 0190

Jason Clare – 02) 6277 4904 or 02) 9790 2466

Jim Chalmers – 02) 6277 4880 or 07) 3299 5910

Shayne Neumann – 02) 6277 4755 or 07) 3201 5300

Bill Shorten – 02) 6277 4022 or 03) 9326 1300

Make sure you let us know who you called and what they said! 

Latest Supporters

I can’t call as I do t know their phone u ber
Anne 2018-01-31 17:37:36 +1100
Bill Shorten. Office is closed. Left a message asking him to stand against Adani and take our country to a renewable, clean future.
Clare 2018-01-31 17:33:54 +1100
Denise 2018-01-31 17:31:23 +1100
Anthony Albanese , His office was polite but could not declare just how it would all finalise.
John 2018-01-31 17:22:17 +1100
Lindsay 2018-01-31 17:18:32 +1100
Sarah Miller, i called Tony Burkes office and spoke to a staff. I was met with the line that nothing has changed…If it doesn’t stack up commercially or environmentally it will absolutely not receive our support." But i said that this was the part that worried me…And mentioned that in the current political climate in which powerful voices are heard more- than ordinary ones, as indicated by Shortens need for a National Anti-Corruption Agency, then we are not reassured. We want a clear statement that there is no support for Adani. She will pass it on….
sarah 2018-01-31 17:16:19 +1100
Called the office of Mr Shorten. Was met with a response from a young sounding staffer named Jack who said he couldn’t comment on the ALPs stance on Adani, but he asked me on a date which I found very unprofessional. I said yes but it was neither the time nor the place for a proposal like that. I’ll be letting him know when I see him on Friday night at his place for takeaway and Netflix that I was very unimpressed.
Jessicah 2018-01-31 17:14:55 +1100
Mark Dreyfus and below not answering
Tony Burke, Anthony Albanese, Tanya Plibersek
Staffers all answered, said false news. I suggested that they must move to 100% renewables, transition mining jobs to renewable resources and sustainable industries. Tales of my experience in the Pilliga and Santos flares which are likely to be the cause of the bushfires there now and their toxic spills poisoning that precious koala and bird etc habitat and threatening the viability of our valuable foodbowl on which our city people depend. What are we leaving for our grandchildren and theirs? The doco Chasing Coral says it all.
Keelah 2018-01-31 17:13:43 +1100
Called the Hon. J Chalmers’ office in Brisbane. Somehow ended up with the Canberra office. I asked a staff member if she knew what Fed. A.L.P. policy was in general regarding future coal mines. She said she didn’t know specifically, but that I could Google it. I asked if non-ALP members were allowed to see the policy, and she said she thought so.
I’d do this now, but my laptop is broken.
Penny 2018-01-31 17:11:49 +1100
Mark Dreyfus – not available – asked his secretary to register my call and the fact that I would prefer that it not be supported by Labour party
stuart 2018-01-31 17:11:20 +1100
Bill Shortens Sydney number. Staffer answered and said he wasn’t aware of any changes of policy. He would pass on the message of my firm objection to Bill Shorten. Took my name.
Angus 2018-01-31 17:11:14 +1100
Ms Plibersek, Mr Bowen, Mr Burke, Mr Albanese, Mr Dreyfus

Assurances from Luke, a staffer in the Plibersek office that Labour’s position has not changed on this issue and that they do not think the ADANI mine stacks up on environmental or economic fronts.

Staffer in the Burke office registered my concerns, but did not give any assurances that Labour would not support ADANI.

No other answers.
Patrick 2018-01-31 17:08:49 +1100
Rang the electorate offices of Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten. I requested polite staffers to pass on my message to their pollie.
The thrust of message left was-
Adani has been shown to be a crook who makes Al Capone look like an amateur.
Adani has been shown to flout laws including environmental laws. He is untrustworthy.
Adani mine has been shown to be a grave environmental risk.
I politely requested that Labor Not Even Think About It – but to act responsibly for all citizens of Australia.
Herbert 2018-01-31 17:08:37 +1100
Tony Bourke and spoke with Michelle who was able to listen to my point of view and will pass on my message re Adani appalling enviromental record and its questionable business practices and its principle. Also phoned Mark Dreyfus and spoke with Joe. Left similar message which will be passed on.
Michelle 2018-01-31 17:08:29 +1100
Called and left message at the office of Bill Shorten , Antony Albanese, Tony Burke … all friendly staff and promised to pass on message ; to stop any financial support towards ADANI and stop the mine all together as it is totally irresponsible within a basic environmental point of view …. turning farmers land into a dessert and damaging the Reef , pollution of our ocean and atmosphere !!!!
Alfred 2018-01-31 17:06:47 +1100
Called Tony Bourke, spoke to his very receptive staffer who logged my call. I made the point that even though to be politically correct, Bill may need to say Adani will be considered but at this late stage, knowing Adani’s reputation for corruption & environmental destruction, plus the fact existing mines are closing because coal is no longer viable, why would anyone consider opening a new scar on the landscape.
John 2018-01-31 17:05:03 +1100
After trying numerous times I finally got through to Bil Shorten’s staff member. She told me she believed ACF may have ‘jumped the gun’ on this decision, but I told her I still wanted to pass on a message from my whole family about Adani. I said that if this mine goes ahead it will not only escalate climate change, but open the floodgates to other mining developments. I told her that although we are pensioners we cared enough to have installed solar panels, and opted to pay a premium for renewable power from our energy supplier. I also pointed out the serious water implications, in this driest continent. She said that Bill Shorten had just come back from the Reef and the Artesian Basin and was aware of the situation …
Evelyn 2018-01-31 17:04:19 +1100
Called Bill Shorten’s Melbourne number (Sydney one didn’t answer). Pleasant woman answered. Asked her to pass ony objection to adani approval by Shorten. She took my surname and suburb.
Sue 2018-01-31 17:03:35 +1100
I rang Tanya Plibersek & the staff member assured me that the newspaper article stating that Labour are reconsidering their stance on Adani has untrue content. I said that I support this stand as the Reef is critical for our environment, tourism, our biodiversity, & to be able to pass this natural treasure onto future generations, not just people, but plants and animals. He totally agreed, & said that Tanya totally agrees too, to protect the Reef.
Katie 2018-01-31 17:01:27 +1100
I called Tanya Plibersek’s Canberra office and had a nice chat to her staff member who said ALP will not commit public funding to the Adani project. I asked for ALP to take a stronger stance and to prevent the project from happening at all, to demonstrate out commitment to stopping climate change.
Tory 2018-01-31 16:59:53 +1100
Mark Butler’s office. They claim there is no cabinet reconsideration in progress and that he is personally opposed.
Tom 2018-01-31 16:58:27 +1100
Mark Dreyfus. Lots of people called and thanks for taking the time.
Tanya Plibersek. Not reconsidering, some misreporting. Labor will not do anything that will threaten the environment and will not give a billion dollars to a coal mine. Tanya strongly against Adani as are Bill Shorten and Mark Butler. Appreciate me taking the time to call.
Ailsa 2018-01-31 16:57:07 +1100
Tanya Pliberseks office. Received a very polite response that there had been some misunderstanding and it miscommunication and that Tanya and her office were not reconsidering their opposition to the Adani mine.
Maree 2018-01-31 16:55:39 +1100
Have just called Ms Plibersek’s office and Christine assured me Labor has not changed its position regarding Adani i.e. Labor will not support an Adani mine if it doesn’t meet it’s environmental obligations.
Cecilia 2018-01-31 16:51:43 +1100
Bill Shorten Office spoke to Sandra.
Tanya Plibersek spoke Charlotte.
Anthony Albanese spoke Maria.
Mark Dreyfus spoke to Engaged,
Jason Clare spoke Christine.
Tony Burke spoke to Aerial
Shayne Neumann spoke to Janice.
Chris Bowen spoke to Joshua.
Jim Chambers spoke to Lisa.
Christine 2018-01-31 16:50:47 +1100
T Burke- ‘they will have no credibility on the environment if they support Adani’
Angela 2018-01-31 16:50:32 +1100
Called Tanya Plibersek’s office, spoke with staffer Christina. There is some misrepresentation, she said, and I asked “Does that mean Labor does not support Adani?” and she said “Yes, that is correct”
Sabine 2018-01-31 16:49:53 +1100
T Plibersek office

I was assured that labor does not support any more coal mines in Queensland
Bruce 2018-01-31 16:49:53 +1100
Called Tanya’s act office & was assured no vote imminent, they don’t support the mine & nor does qld state labor 🤔
Anna 2018-01-31 16:49:24 +1100
I called and asked to speak to Bill Shorten, very pleasant staffer said she wasn’t sure where he was but could she take a message and asked me was it about Adani. After I gave my reasons she said she would certainly pass it on and she also said, this is very black and white, so watch this space.
Barb 2018-01-31 16:48:49 +1100