Together let's show ANZ the community demand that they be the first big 4 bank to exit climate-wrecking gas. Here's how:

  1. Call 13 13 14.
  2. Be polite.
  3. Request ANZ exit gas.
  4. Report your call.

How to make a call

  • Call early in the morning or late at night to avoid long wait times. ANZ's national call centre is open from 7am to 10pm daily
  • At the first prompt, select '2'
  • At the next prompt, speak into your phone and say 'it's something else'
  • You will then be put into the queue
  • Put your phone on speaker, and make a cup of tea while you wait
  • When your call is over, use the form on this page to report your call so we can measure our collective impact

Conversation tips

  • If you are a customer or shareholder, let ANZ know.
  • Be polite and personal – this is a chance for us to reach and connect with ANZ staff. The person taking your call is not responsible for ANZ's investment in gas, so be respectful. Be personal, and let them know why you care about stopping climate damage.
  • Start with something positive – thank ANZ for its recent commitments to stop direct investment in thermal coal by 2030.
  • Request ANZ exit gas – make clear that gas is an ageing fossil fuel that harms our climate like coal and that ANZ should seize the opportunity to be the first big 4 bank to move its money out of gas.
  • Ask that your message is passed on to Mark Wheelan (Group Executive, Institutional) and ANZ's environmental sustainability team. Mark oversees ANZ's strategies for global activities, including in countries that are considering expanding their gas projects.
  • Let us know you called – use the form on this page to report your call so we can measure how many calls ANZ and the banks are getting.

Visit bank rank to see how ANZ compares to the other big 4 banks on gas.