Today is World Environment Day – a clear moment for your Member of Parliament (MP) to publicly stand up for our wildlife, rivers, forests and communities.

It takes just 5 minutes to call your Member of Parliament (MPs) office, introduce yourself, and pass on this message: “Will you speak up publicly for urgent, strong new nature laws today, on World Environment Day?”

It’s quick and easy to make your call:

  • Type in your address to find your MP and their electorate phone number.
  • Call during Australian business hours today (9am to 5pm) so you can speak with a staff member. Staff members are usually friendly and it's their job to pass your message on to your MP.
  • When your call is answered:
    • Say hello, give your name and mention that you live in their electorate.
    • Briefly share why protecting nature is important to you, and your concern about the escalating extinction crisis in Australia.
    • Ask for this message to be passed along to your MP: "Will you please speak up publicly today for urgent, strong new laws that actually protect nature?" This could look like a statement on all their social media channels supporting strong new nature laws, sharing why they care about ending the extinction crisis.
    • Thank the member of staff for their time. 

In Australia, the nature we depend on is being destroyed at a dangerous rate. Our national list of threatened animals, plants and ecological communities is more than 2,000 entries long! Bulldozing of bush and forest for unsustainable agriculture and urban sprawl, as well as climate damage and invasive species are all driving wildlife to extinction.

Our Parliament must start treating nature destruction as the crisis it is. Today's the day – a clear moment for your elected representative to publicly express their support for strong new nature laws now and an independent regulator to enforce them. 

Thank you for raising your voice today!


Header: pen_ash / Pixabay