Climate change, driven by extracting, processing and burning fossil fuels including gas, is making extreme bushfires, extreme drought and extreme heat more severe, more widespread and more frequent. And it's pushing Australia's incredible wildlife, and the places they call home, to the brink. 

Woodside and Santos are the two biggest Australian-owned climate polluters and they are determined to pump out even more pollution. 

And yet our governments are giving climate polluters $11.1 billion in handouts annually! A responsible government would step up and step in to stop Woodside and Santos from wrecking our climate. 

Will you take a few minutes to call your Member of Parliament (MP), who has a responsibility to represent you and others in your community?

Making a phone call to your MP is a powerful way of conveying your concern about climate damage, and the need to stop coal and gas urgently. If you had experience with extreme weather this summer or in the past like floods, fires or heatwaves – you could share this experience with them briefly, if you feel comfortable doing so. 

For every community member like you who takes the time to make a call, your MP will understand there are hundreds of others who share your concern – but just haven't had a chance to pick up the phone yet! 

Suggested talking points:

  • Introduce yourself briefly to the staff member who answers your call. Give your name, and mention that you live in the MP's electorate. If you get an answering machine, we encourage you to leave a brief message. 
  • Mention what you are concerned about. You could say: 
    • Australian communities, our unique wildlife and the places we love are under threat from climate change like never before.
    • Big polluters like Woodside and Santos are throwing fuel on the fire to chase profits.
    • Our governments are giving climate polluters $11.1 billion in handouts annually.
  • Say what action you want your MP to take. You could say: 
    • End all coal, oil and gas handouts and approvals, to stop big polluters like Woodside and Santos from further damaging our climate, and
    • Reform our national nature laws so that they are strong and protect our wildlife from climate destruction.
  • Thank the staff member for their time and passing on your message. 

Header: Annette Ruzicka.