Because together, we can keep our lifeblood flowing.

If we look after our rivers, our rivers look after us. 

And right across the Murray-Darling Basin, people from all walks of life are coming together to protect the rivers, creeks and wetlands that nourish us.

At the National Water Week Summit, a vibrant community of fishers, midwives, teachers, scientists, Traditional Owners, pastoralists and irrigators delivered the voices of over 24,000 caring people to our elected representatives in Canberra.

With buckets full of signatures they voiced a united message to Prime Minister Turnbull and over 20 elected representatives: make everyone stick to the rules in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan so that our rivers don’t dry out.

That means saying no to the cashed-up lobbyists and delivering the Basin Plan – on time and in full.


People from all walks of life across the Basin delivered over 24,000 signatures to our elected representatives in Canberra


Together, we’re building a groundswell of community support to make sure everyone who calls the river home – the people, wildlife, farms, critters and cities – can thrive for generations to come. 

Watch the video and meet the people who represented the ACF and Basin communities in Canberra.

Whether we live upstream or downstream, we all care about the waterways and wetlands that sustain us – and all the turtles, birds, fish, frogs and critters that enchant us.

At the National Water Week Summit, our 2017 Rivers Fellows graduated from a nine-month program of citizen advocacy, campaigning and community engagement. If you want to do more for our rivers, apply for our 2018 Rivers Fellowship program to get skilled up, fired up and ready to go!

Now’s the time for everyone across the Basin to come together and make sure our rivers can keep flowing through our vast dry land.


Are you a passionate emerging leader living in the Murray-Darling Basin? The 2018 Rivers Fellowship program is accepting applications now.


Bethany Koch

Community Organiser at Australian Conservation Foundatuion