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2016 is an election year - and ACF supporters are powerful, and powerfully committed to cleaner air, water and a thriving Reef.

And while many people will talk about the things they think are important to people like us - we know that the environment, and the places that create memories for a lifetime, like the Reef - is very important to people in our community.

Election time is not a time to stop our environmental work - but to do it differently - and we'll be innovating and training supporters like you to be campaign champions for the environment.

Supporters from Brisbane will come together to talk about how to get the environment high on the agenda - and how to encourage people to use their vote to allow the environment to thrive, and to cut carbon pollution and grow renewable energy. It's not a talk-fest -- we will leave with a campaign strategy which will guide us to polling day.

You will meet new people and learn how to campaign in election time - all the while enjoying local vegetarian and vegan dinner!

So bring a friend, bring a neighbour, bring your A-game.


We cannot wait to see you there!