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Join us in growing a huge wave of people power to demand candidates from all political parties cut pollution, support clean energy and protect our protect our reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife.

This election is a test of leadership. People are asking their representatives, “Where do you stand?”

We, the people, expect our elected representatives to listen to their constituents – to us – and not a handful of polluting companies. We expect our representatives to protect the places we love, not just monitor their decline.

That's why we are getting together, and calling our friends, neighbours and people in the community to ask them about their story and impacts from climate -- and asking them to sign the pledge to use their vote for candidates who promise to act on cutting pollution, allowing our Reef to thrive and investing in clean energy.

BYO: Smiles and laughter! But also lap tops if you have them (we have 5 spares)

ACF: Phones, food and full training!

Hope to see you there!