It’s on! They've just called a federal election for 18 May.

The stakes are sky high.

Australia is being thrown into climate chaos, caused by coal-burning companies, the billionaires who profit from them and the politicians they have under their thumbs.

This is a critical moment for climate action.

Now more than ever, we must demonstrate our movement is so big and politically dangerous, all political parties have no choice but to rise to the occasion – and deliver.

To show just how many people want action, we’re tallying up the number of climate voters in each electorate. WILL YOU ADD YOUR QUICK SIGNATURE?

75,213 climate voters have already signed on – help us get to 100,000 before the election!


For over a year now, thousands of us have spent our days and nights building this campaign. Now it’s the final countdown and it’s all hands on deck.

We will only defeat the big coal lobbyists and protect our democracy with people power. Lots of people power.

Now’s the time for every person who is sick of climate inaction in Australia to raise your voice.

Our community’s power comes from our size, our passion and the generosity of people like you, right across our wide brown land, speaking out.

We simply cannot afford to wait another three years for our elected representatives to take climate change seriously.

Will you volunteer to knock on doors, make calls or text voters? Hand out climate election scorecards on polling day? Put up a poster or yard sign? Use social media to push the media to do better reporting on the biggest issue humanity has ever faced?

Sign up to volunteer for one task, or many!

Never before have we run such a big campaign to push the parties to step up. And big campaigns like this are seriously expensive!

Can you chip in today so we can ramp up our efforts with more TV and radio ads, volunteer training events, candidate forums, billboards, yard signs and a massive digital advertising campaign to reach voters?

Donate to scale up this campaign in the final critical weeks.

We will only defeat the big coal lobbyists and protect our democracy with people power. Lots of people power.

We are all in this together. We will only succeed together.

Kelly O’Shanassy

CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation.