The hard-hitting documentary Big Deal: Is Our Democracy For Sale? is available on demand on ABC's iView. It is sure to spark crucial conversations about the influence of big money on our democracy in living rooms across Australia.

Big polluters make big political donations to gain greater access to our elected representatives and wield undue influence over policy decisions – putting corporate profits ahead of the health of people, the planet and future generations.

Fixing our democracy and solving the climate crisis go hand in hand, and communities are rising up to be heard despite the influence of big money.

That’s why I urge you to watch Big Deal at a time that suits you on iView – and invite your friends, family or housemates to watch it too.

The more people that tune in the greater the momentum we can build for the donation reforms – including caps and real-time disclosure – we need now.

Watch Big Deal on iView

On the back of War on Waste and Fight for Planet A, comedian and writer Craig Reucassel has teamed up with comedian Christiaan Van Vuuren to expose the frightening extent to which big money has infiltrated Australian politics and the ways we can take back our democracy from vested interests.

What makes Big Deal so special is how effortlessly it cuts through a complex and shadowy issue with humour and a deeply human spirit. It will speak to people from all walks of life.

And it offers us hope. It shows how we – as ordinary people in communities across Australia – are at the heart of the solutions for a healthy democracy where everyone’s voice is heard.

After years of campaigning on issues like big money in politics, it’s easily the clearest, most compelling and approachable exploration of these issues that I’ve seen. If we all share this film with the people we know – friends, family, colleagues and community networks – we’ll kickstart a wave of public pressure for the reforms we need, right when political integrity is in the spotlight as a federal election looms.

That’s why we’ve created a guide to hosting a Big Deal watch party for your friends, family and community networks. It includes ideas for getting people you know to watch the film, having conversations about the issues and how together you can be part of big change.

If Big Deal inspires you to take further action, hosting a watch party is a great way to really boost your impact.

Download the Watch Party guide

We get better, fairer decisions from our elected representatives by ‘doing democracy’ – engaging our friends, family, and networks to talk about what we aspire for in our democracy, and galvanising one another to raise our voices for our communities and real climate action.

These problems are solvable, and the solutions start with us. I hope you enjoy watching Big Deal, and are inspired to share it with people you know!

Jolene Elberth

Corporate Campaign Program Manager