Gas companies Tamboran Resources and Empire Energy want to frack the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory for climate-wrecking gas.

But Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek can use the water trigger to call in Tamboran's water-guzzling gas project for assessment under our nature laws.

If the Minister doesn't act now Tamboran will begin fracking pilot production!

Call the Environment Minister now and ask her to: 

  1. Call in Tamboran's fracking plans for assessment under our nature laws
  2. And protect our water. Fracking for gas poisons, devours and ruins water systems and in the Northern Territory water is life.

Every voice speaking up now is critical to stopping Tamboran's fracking plans. Thank you for using yours to protect water and our climate.

Calling tips

  • Briefly introduce who you are and why you care about this issue.
  • Thank the Minister and her staff for taking the time to listen and respond.
  • And directly ask the Minister to take action: Call in Tamboran's fracking plans for assessment under the water trigger!