Submissions close 5pm AEST this Wednesday 7 July.

The Morrison Government is getting ready to hand millions of dollars in public money to gas companies to frack the Northern Territory’s precious Beetaloo Basin.

We can halt destructive fracking by standing with Traditional Owners to speak out against the government’s gas handouts.

Let's show the huge amount of public opposition to opening up massive new dirty gasfields. Read this short guide on how to make a submission and what to say, then make your submission through the Parliament of Australia website.

Step 1: Write your submission
Step 2: Make your submission
Step 3: Let us know when you're done

1. Write your submission

Here is our suggested structure for your submission, with some talking points. Personalised submissions are powerful, so please take some time on your message and incorporate these talking points to help you.

  • Introduce yourself (your name and where you are from) and write that you are making a submission into the Committee’s inquiry into “Oil and gas exploration and production in the Beetaloo Basin, with particular reference to the Industry Research and Development (Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program) Instrument 2021.”
  • Explain why you are concerned about the federal government giving $50 million in public money to fracking companies. Here are some points you could raise:
    • Climate change: Gas extraction contributes to climate change and causes more extreme weather events like bushfires, heatwaves, storms and floods. The use of public money for gas fracking is inconsistent with Australia’s commitment under the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well under 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
    • Lack of consent: Traditional Owners oppose fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, concerned about its damage to land, water and cultural sites, and have not given free, prior and informed consent.
    • Inappropriate use of public money: the proposed gas exploration is inconsistent with the Industry Research and Development Act, which is being used to deliver funding for the program. The Act is meant to support programs that position Australia as a leading innovation nation, but fracking for gas takes us backwards – it’s a climate-wrecking, dated technology. Public money should not be going to huge corporations to fund new gas projects that otherwise wouldn’t stack up.
  • Thank the Committee for their time and sign off formally.

You can also read ACF's submission to the Committee.

2. Make your submission

Make your submission through the My Parliament website:

  • Go to the Senate Committee inquiry webpage and select "Upload Submission."
  • Register for a My Parliament account if submitting for the first time, or if you already have an account then log in.
  • A list of inquiries will appear. Scroll to select "Oil and gas exploration and production in the Beetaloo Basin" then "Next."
  • Select whether you are making a submission as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, then click "Next."
  • Fill in your details, then click "Next."
  • Select whether you would like your submission to be private or published, then click "Next."
  • Upload your submission and click "Submit."

If you experience issues uploading your submission to the website, you can email your submission to: [email protected] 

3. Let us know when you're done

Let us know when you've made your submission, so we can see how many people are speaking up.


Header image: Gas field. Leonid Ikan/Shutterstock and Warwick Solar Farm. ACF