“We have to get to net zero (emissions) by 2050”

These are the words of Jennifer Westacott, CEO of the Business Council of Australia (BCA).

Just 18 months ago, the BCA called a target of 45% emissions cut by 2030 “economy wrecking”. For over a decade now, the BCA has undermined climate policy in Australia, and pushed a pro-coal agenda.

So what happened in 18 months?

Together, people inundated BCA member companies like Coles and Woolies with calls, emails and social media messages. People raised questions at AGMs and we used our power as customers, employees and shareholders to demand change.

And it worked! The BCA released a paper this week outlining their proposal for a net zero emissions target by 2050, a carbon emissions budget, and assessing climate change risk.

To everyone who donated, called, emailed, messaged and rallied – this is your victory. You made this possible. Thank you.

Check out the timeline of how our people-powered movement won against the deep pockets of big coal below!

How our movement pushed the BCA from undermining climate policy to backing zero emissions
A timeline  

✊🏻 June 2018

  • The BCA publicly states that an emissions cutting target of 45% is 'economy-wrecking' for Australia

✊🏼 March 2019

✊🏽 April 2019

✊🏾 Nov 2019

  • People from across the ACF Community join forces speaking out against supermarket giants Coles and Woolies for being members of the climate-wrecking BCA
  • Together, we all leave thousands of social media comments, as well as make calls and send emails, speak out at AGMs, and blow up in traditional media Coles and Woolies links to the BCA and big coal
  • The message is clear – engaging in climate-wrecking activities will hurt your brand 
  • AMP, JB Hi-Fi and Santos quit the BCA

✊🏿 Feb 2019


Matt Rose

Economy and Democracy Program Manager