Independent candidates' climate leadership agreement

01 May 19

Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory September 2018 – pollution levels on the rise under the Coalition

28 February 19

Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – pollution levels still going up

30 November 18

Out of control climate change in Cook: Hotter, drier and winter no more

30 October 18

Climate data modelling shows that by 2050 communities in the federal electoral division of Cook would be markedly hotter, on average 15 per cent drier and experience more periods of extreme heat because of high global emissions.


Runaway climate change in Wentworth: New extreme summer seasons would become the norm

10 October 18

FAQ: The IPCC report on limiting global warming to 1.5oC

04 October 18

This briefing addresses some frequently asked questions about limiting warming to 1.5°C, and explains some of the key issues that will be covered by the IPCC’s latest report.


Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – climate pollution still rising

01 October 18

In the year to March 2018 Australia’s emissions increased 1.3%.


Adani’s latest plan further weakens protections for our clean water

16 August 18

Adani’s latest plans represents a material weakening of protections for Queensland groundwater.