Stopping Adani's coal mine and sovereign risk: Analysis by economist Saul Eslake

21 May 18

Would actions by an Australian Government to stop the Adani Carmichael mine from proceeding constitute an increase in Australian 'sovereign risk'?


Legal advice to ACF on Adani

28 February 18

Advice to ACF on whether the Carmichael Coal Mine can be stopped under the EPBC Act.


Environment spending in Australia

02 February 18

Since 2013, the proportion of total Commonwealth spending devoted to the Federal Environment Department has nearly halved.


The real cost of coal

24 November 17

A new coal-fired power station in North Queensland is estimated to cost the community up to $3 billion to build and $230 million a year in health, pollution and government subsidies


Digging a Hole

17 October 17

How the Coalition is burying renewables while trying to exhume coal


Investment in Northern Australia that delivers for the long term

29 May 17

Investment that creates jobs and protects nature


29,000 jobs for SA: how strong climate policies create jobs and cut pollution

20 February 17

52,000 new jobs for WA: how strong climate policies create jobs and cut pollution

15 February 17