18 May 16

Australia's pollution levels still going up

Since coming to office in September 2013 the Coalition has made no progress in reducing Australia’s overall emissions. Read more

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16 October 15

Water prices and the Basin Plan

Environment Victoria and the Australian Conservation Foundation provide the facts

30 July 15

What water buybacks cap would mean for the Murray-Darling

Explanation of major issues in ACF/EV/EJA submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into Water Amendment Bill 2015.

29 June 15

Australian Climate Roundtable: Joint Principle for Climate Policy

Principles to guide the development of sound long term policy to address climate change

29 April 15

Subsidising Big Coal

Handouts to Australia’s biggest coal mining companies through the Fuel Tax Credits Scheme

23 March 15

Radioactive Waste Management in Australia

The federal government’s revised search for a national facility