The overwhelming majority of people in Australia already know climate change is a problem and are worried. Despite what some media outlets and politicians might suggest, public concern is consistently high.

It’s not helpful to focus on climate doubt, belief in climate science or debates over whether it’s real or not. Like gravity, our warming climate is a scientific fact. Step off a cliff and you will go down, regardless of your beliefs.

Your primary task, then, isn’t convincing people this is a problem or raising awareness – it’s action! People are concerned – but they’re not sure what they can do about it. 

Here’s one critically important thing everyone can do: be a climate voter.

The next federal election really matters – because we need national leadership to make the big transformations we need, fast. Governments need to make laws and policies to stop companies burning coal, gas and oil, and to help impacted communities transition and ramp up clean energy. If we raise our voices together as a huge, nationwide movement of climate voters, political parties will have no choice but to step up.