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Australia’s super funds manage trillions of dollars giving them tremendous power to rapidly drive forward the climate transition at the pace and scale required. The future we fund is the future we create.

Australian Retirement Trust (ART, a merger of QSuper and SunSuper) is one of the largest funds in Australia with shares in the biggest fossil fuel polluters. As owners of these companies, ART has the power to influence the make-up of company boards and corporate strategy. ART could use their voting power to force the companies they invest in to move away from coal, oil and gas.

ART has a net zero by 2050 target but no clear plan to reach this critical goal. It’s time for ART to show us its plan for real climate action. As a member of ART, you have the power to push the fund to set strong climate targets and use its superpowers for a future powered by the wind and sun.

Sign the petition to the Australian Retirement Trust:

As members of the Australian Retirement Trust we call on our superannuation fund to show integrity in becoming the climate leader it claims to be.

The Australian Retirement Trust should:

  1. Adopt science-based 2025 and 2030 emission reduction targets for the entire portfolio and disclose its plan to reach net-zero emissions
  2. Adopt, and make publicly available, a best practice policy to push companies it invests in to cut emissions in line with limiting warming to 1.5 degrees
  3. Scale up investment in climate solutions to drive Australia’s transformation to a renewable powered future that’s good for the climate, nature and our communities

Members speaking up puts real pressure on ART to clean up its investments. We've seen this working in recent years with companies like AGL and BHP announcing real plans to cut their emissions in response to pressure from retirement funds.

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Nicole 2023-06-29 13:29:00 +1000
Looking elsewhere because of this
Tegan 2023-06-29 13:08:15 +1000
Please move the money out of climate wrecking companies
Jennifer 2023-06-29 12:15:13 +1000
John 2023-06-29 12:05:25 +1000
Sue 2023-06-29 10:18:31 +1000
Colleen 2023-06-29 10:15:29 +1000
Christine 2023-06-29 09:27:11 +1000
Hilary 2023-06-29 09:00:32 +1000
We’re running out of time..
Leith 2023-06-29 08:53:44 +1000
Murray 2023-06-29 08:42:24 +1000
Christine 2023-06-29 08:06:56 +1000
Tony 2023-06-29 07:52:32 +1000
Malcolm 2023-06-29 07:34:04 +1000
Olivia 2023-06-29 07:06:22 +1000
Leanne 2023-06-29 07:01:45 +1000
Stop investing in fossil fuels!
Rick 2023-06-29 07:00:13 +1000
Christine 2023-06-29 06:51:49 +1000
Aleta 2023-06-29 06:34:13 +1000
Will happily look elsewhere to invest my super if it means moving away from fossil fuel investment
Julia 2023-06-29 05:32:02 +1000
Honey 2023-06-29 05:06:03 +1000
Elizabeth 2023-06-29 02:19:58 +1000
Susie 2023-06-28 23:45:13 +1000
Rachel 2023-06-28 23:41:08 +1000
Stephen 2023-06-28 23:36:35 +1000
Robin 2023-06-28 22:31:11 +1000
The time is running out for serious action to reduce global warming.
Gary 2023-06-28 22:14:38 +1000
The more rapid the transition away from fossil fuel investment, the quicker the short term pains to the economy. Get it done, the Earth is depending on us.
Cameron 2023-06-28 21:49:08 +1000
Greg 2023-06-28 21:46:05 +1000
Graeme 2023-06-28 21:43:07 +1000
Ann 2023-06-28 21:39:16 +1000