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Australia’s super funds manage trillions of dollars giving them tremendous power to rapidly drive forward the climate transition at the pace and scale required. The future we fund is the future we create.

Australian Retirement Trust (ART, a merger of QSuper and SunSuper) is one of the largest funds in Australia with shares in the biggest fossil fuel polluters. As owners of these companies, ART has the power to influence the make-up of company boards and corporate strategy. ART could use their voting power to force the companies they invest in to move away from coal, oil and gas.

ART has a net zero by 2050 target but no clear plan to reach this critical goal. It’s time for ART to show us its plan for real climate action. As a member of ART, you have the power to push the fund to set strong climate targets and use its superpowers for a future powered by the wind and sun.

Sign the petition to the Australian Retirement Trust:

As members of the Australian Retirement Trust we call on our superannuation fund to show integrity in becoming the climate leader it claims to be.

The Australian Retirement Trust should:

  1. Adopt science-based 2025 and 2030 emission reduction targets for the entire portfolio and disclose its plan to reach net-zero emissions
  2. Adopt, and make publicly available, a best practice policy to push companies it invests in to cut emissions in line with limiting warming to 1.5 degrees
  3. Scale up investment in climate solutions to drive Australia’s transformation to a renewable powered future that’s good for the climate, nature and our communities

Members speaking up puts real pressure on ART to clean up its investments. We've seen this working in recent years with companies like AGL and BHP announcing real plans to cut their emissions in response to pressure from retirement funds.

Latest Supporters

Jonathan 2023-05-25 14:59:32 +1000
Only 3 percent in clean energy will not meet 2030 and 2050 targets. Too slow ART.
Matt 2023-05-25 06:07:30 +1000
Please ART invest our money in renewable energy. I really want future for my grandchildren
jo 2023-05-24 19:04:50 +1000
Emma 2023-05-23 05:44:37 +1000
Gayle 2023-05-22 17:42:34 +1000
Danielle 2023-05-21 18:27:01 +1000
I’ll change funds if ART doesn’t improve its social responsibility
Amanda 2023-05-20 15:45:08 +1000
Not in my name. Invest in Australian-owned renewable technologies instead.
Andrew 2023-05-20 11:23:16 +1000
Steffi 2023-05-19 22:36:52 +1000
Amazed that public investment is still being made in fossil fuels
Jenny 2023-05-19 07:51:43 +1000
Pls help our world
Elizabeth 2023-05-19 06:56:50 +1000
I recently read Jason Hickel’s book, "Less is More”, and have found myself anxious, but hopeful of the move towards a post-capitalist society. I would like to emphasize the urgent need for divestment from large polluting coal projects and mining companies run simply to turn a profit, generating more energy, to make more things, to create scarcity through advertising, just to sell more of the things they make, in order to continue growing fiscally! As well as a firm commitment to meeting and exceeding science-based pollution reduction targets by no later than 2025.

Hickel’s book provides compelling evidence of the detrimental impacts of coal projects and companies on our environment and climate. The extraction and burning of coal not only contribute significantly to air and water pollution, but they also release vast amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, exacerbating the global climate crisis. It is imperative that we take decisive action to halt our support for such destructive practices.

Therefore, I call upon Australian Retirement Trust to divest from large polluting coal projects and companies. By aligning your investment portfolio with ethical and sustainable principles, you can help drive the transition to a low-carbon future and send a powerful message that harmful fossil fuel investments are no longer acceptable. Divestment is not only a responsible financial decision but also a moral imperative to safeguard the well-being of current and future generations.

Furthermore, I urge Australian Retirement Trust to adopt, meet, and exceed science-based pollution reduction targets by no later than 2025. The scientific community has provided clear evidence that we must take immediate and substantial action to curb greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent catastrophic climate change. By setting ambitious targets in line with scientific recommendations, you can demonstrate true leadership and contribute to the collective efforts of mitigating climate change and protecting the environment.

It is essential that Australian Retirement Trust plays an active role in driving the necessary changes for a sustainable future. By divesting from coal projects and companies and embracing science-based pollution reduction targets, you will not only align your investments with the urgent needs of our planet but also inspire other financial institutions and industries to follow suit.

Thank you for your attention to these crucial matters. I implore you to take bold and decisive action to divest from large polluting coal projects and companies and commit to science-based pollution reduction targets by no later than 2025. Together, we can create a sustainable and resilient future for all.
Tim 2023-05-18 22:56:56 +1000
Jennifer 2023-05-18 21:56:42 +1000
As a QSuper member I expect them to act more ethically
Merindy 2023-05-18 19:45:50 +1000
Cristie 2023-05-18 15:16:50 +1000
Kate 2023-05-18 13:06:20 +1000
Annie 2023-05-18 10:02:09 +1000
Christine 2023-05-18 09:04:22 +1000
We must protect and save all of our wildlife, animals and plants for our future.
Lisa 2023-05-17 22:39:40 +1000
Kerry 2023-05-17 16:55:16 +1000
David 2023-05-17 13:41:27 +1000
Tracey 2023-05-17 06:52:30 +1000
As a member of ART, I would encourage them to invest in renewable projects that will benefit us all and future generations
Claire 2023-05-16 20:19:44 +1000
Kristin 2023-05-16 14:10:26 +1000
Marcelo 2023-05-16 09:58:05 +1000
Kirby 2023-05-15 20:40:41 +1000
liam 2023-05-15 15:19:15 +1000
Michael 2023-05-15 10:54:47 +1000
Amy 2023-05-14 21:03:49 +1000
We need smarter investment, in long term energy sources. Fossil fuels investments are making me think hard about my long term retirement fund.
Jayden 2023-05-14 10:11:59 +1000