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ANZ has a climate problem. If ANZ is serious about its commitment to net zero emissions, it cannot keep lending to new or expanded coal, oil or gas projects, which are turbocharging the climate crisis. Yet since 2016, Market Forces research tells us, ANZ have loaned $2.5 billion to fossil fuel expansions. If built, these expansion projects would produce more than eight times Australia's entire domestic emissions.

Bushfires, drought – the climate crisis is here, now, and ANZ must do the right thing by all of us and shift the billions of dollars they are responsible for out of burning and digging fossil fuels like coal. 

At this year's Annual General Meeting, it's time for ANZ to choose renewable energy, not more fossil fuels.

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"As concerned citizens, customers, shareholders, and employees, we call on ANZ to stop financing the digging and burning of fossil fuels. The first steps are:

  1. divesting from thermal coal by 2030 or earlier;
  2. divesting from oil & gas in line with the Paris climate agreement;
  3. not investing in new or expansion coal, gas & oil projects;

Burning fossil fuels is the biggest driver of climate damage. We are concerned about the climate crisis and want action."


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Conscious money conscious spending
Lisa 2023-06-04 16:06:40 +1000
Patricia 2023-06-04 15:57:39 +1000
Kris 2023-06-04 15:18:01 +1000
Please clean up your act.
Wilkinson 2023-06-04 14:35:32 +1000
Our children, think of our children
Helen 2023-06-04 12:51:35 +1000
Tz 2023-06-04 12:27:36 +1000
Janet 2023-06-04 12:01:48 +1000
We need to stop gas and fossil fuel farming NOW. Change is needed, why not be BRAVE enough to make the change!
Janine 2023-06-04 11:13:38 +1000
Kerrie 2023-06-04 10:19:15 +1000
ANZ as part of a syndicate of Australian and offshore banks provided Woodside with $600 million in three-year money and another $600 million due in 5 years.

Thermal coal is ~0.02%
Oil & gas is ~0.05 and Renewables ~0.01% of total balance sheet of ANZ so there is plenty of investment opportunities in renewables area.
Kim 2023-06-04 10:09:49 +1000
Gary 2023-06-04 10:07:12 +1000
I feel sick. I’m a share holder and implicit in your destruction of the planet. Invest in good.
Robyn 2023-06-04 09:38:45 +1000
Dee 2023-06-04 09:28:22 +1000
I’m an ANZ customer and have been for well over a decade. After reading this I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. In this day and age the irresponsibility is astounding.
Stephanie 2023-06-04 09:17:14 +1000
The projects you’re supporting are not only harmful to the environment, but also to the economy. They are the main source of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and climate change, which have devastating impacts on human health, agriculture, biodiversity and infrastructure³. They also create a risk of stranded assets, which are investments that lose their value due to changes in technology, policy or market conditions². According to a study by Nature Climate Change, stranded fossil fuel assets could result in a global wealth loss of US$1–4 trillion, comparable to the 2008 financial crisis². Moreover, those fossil fuel projects face increasing competition from renewable energy sources, which are becoming cheaper and more efficient over time¹. Renewable energy can provide more jobs, energy security and social benefits than fossil fuels³. Therefore, it is economically unsound to support or sponsor fossil fuel projects that are incompatible with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to well below 2°C² . Instead, it is wiser to invest in clean and sustainable energy solutions that can power a safer future for everyone.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/6/2023
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Join the other banks that have stopped funding fossil fuels or have announced plans to do so, such as:

- Deutsche Bank, which announced that it would no longer finance companies that generate more than 30% of their revenue from coal, down from 50%, if they have no \“credible plans\” to reduce their dependence by 2025¹.
- JPMorgan, which stopped financing new coal mines and imposed restrictions on funding new coal-fired plants¹.
- Bank of Queensland, which committed to not provide finance to companies directly involved in the extraction of fossil fuels moving forward and says it will reduce its existing fossil fuel finance arrangements to zero by the end of 2024⁵.
- Citigroup and Barclays, which were among 130 banks to join a new framework aimed at pushing companies and governments to act quickly to avert catastrophic global warming¹.

There are also some banks that have no record of funding fossil fuels since 2016, such as Bank Australia, Bendigo Bank, Beyond Bank, Credit Union Australia and ME Bank⁶.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/6/2023
(1) Why Banks are Refusing to Fund Fossil Fuels – FossilFuel.com. https://fossilfuel.com/why-banks-are-refusing-to-fund-fossil-fuels/.
(2) Shareholders push for Australia’s banks to stop fossil fuel funding. https://www.reuters.com/business/sustainable-business/shareholders-table-resolutions-with-australias-banks-stop-fossil-fuel-financing-2021-10-06/.
(3) Compare Bank Table – Market Forces. https://www.marketforces.org.au/info/compare-bank-table/.
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(5) Australian banks lending billions to fossil fuel projects despite supporting emissions reductions, analysis suggests. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/may/30/australian-banks-lending-billions-to-fossil-fuel-projects-despite-supporting-emissions-reductions-analysis-suggest.
(6) Priest: No commitment from EU banks to stop fossil fuel financing. https://businessmirror.com.ph/2023/05/28/priest-no-commitment-from-eu-banks-to-stop-fossil-fuel-financing/.
Jessica 2023-06-04 09:04:42 +1000
Charles 2023-06-04 09:02:42 +1000
Lisa 2023-06-04 08:56:57 +1000
Narelle 2023-06-04 08:36:00 +1000
Large corporations are made up of individuals who have children families. What message are they sending to their children by supporting initiatives that continue to destroy our beautiful world.
Gayle 2023-06-04 08:31:32 +1000
Lets leave a good legacy for those who follow please.
Dengate 2023-06-04 08:30:12 +1000
Catherine 2023-06-04 08:25:22 +1000
Annie 2023-06-04 07:36:09 +1000
I bank with ANZ and do not want them to fund dirty fossil fuels The world is at tipping point and you must listen.
Jennifer 2023-06-04 07:33:22 +1000
Shirley 2023-06-04 06:33:14 +1000
Art and the protection of the environment go hand in hand
Don’t be hypocritical ANZ
stop aiding companies that destroy the environment!!
Patrizia 2023-06-04 06:07:32 +1000
Stop funding fossil fuel projects! Potential customers see what you’re doing and they won’t bank with you because of your lip service to climate issues. Put your money where your greenwashing words are!
Amalia 2023-06-04 04:39:43 +1000
L. 2023-06-04 04:01:55 +1000
Margaret 2023-06-03 23:56:55 +1000
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