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ANZ is a major sponsor of the Australian Open: a cultural highlight that promotes fitness, community, and the importance of getting outside. ANZ is also a funding new and expansionary coal, oil or gas projects, which are turbocharging the climate crisis and putting our sports at risk.

This is not a game. ANZ has a climate problem.

Due to increasing heatwaves, the Open and other matches are at risk of cancellation, our champions and fans at risk of heatstroke.

They need to hear from you that you want to see ANZ shift the billions of dollars they are responsible for out of burning and digging fossil fuels and into solutions that will protect us from droughts, floods and heatwaves.

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"As concerned citizens, customers, shareholders, and employees, we call on ANZ to stop financing the digging and burning of fossil fuels. The first steps are:

  1. divesting from thermal coal by 2030 or earlier;
  2. divesting from oil & gas in line with the Paris climate agreement;
  3. not investing in new or expansion coal, gas & oil projects.

Burning fossil fuels is the biggest driver of climate damage. We are concerned about the climate crisis and want action."


Latest Supporters

Margaret 2023-11-23 11:46:22 +1100
Lyn 2023-11-23 10:43:11 +1100
It’s absolutely disgusting that ANZ should see fit to finance fossil fuel mining, or even searching for more fossil fuel reserves.
Kevin 2023-11-23 10:30:18 +1100
Not good enough!!
Trisha 2023-11-23 09:47:52 +1100
Please stop financing any more climate damage!!
Robyn 2023-11-23 09:45:52 +1100
Ralph 2023-11-23 09:04:03 +1100
Come on ANZ am a member of your bank do something about this before it’s too late
Angela 2023-11-23 08:55:44 +1100
Kris 2023-11-23 08:40:30 +1100
Mary Anita 2023-11-23 08:15:24 +1100
Annette 2023-11-23 08:12:07 +1100
John 2023-11-23 08:08:31 +1100
Use your money more wisely please.
L. 2023-11-23 07:20:50 +1100
Helen 2023-11-23 06:58:51 +1100
Been with ANZ for 12 years before reading this news. Will start looking for a new bank.
Amy 2023-11-23 04:37:37 +1100
Kent 2023-11-22 23:36:12 +1100
Maryan 2023-11-22 23:08:30 +1100
It’s time to stop! Please think of our earth. Our only home. If you continue to do what you are doing and damaging this world- there is a point to it being irreversible. Where you can’t go back and fix the damage you have done. Yes, money is important to you- but at what cost? Money doesn’t matter when the world ends. When entire ecosystems collapse, our population becomes sick and ill from the poison in the air you are creating. What about you? What about your kids and the kids they have. There is no future for you or them if this continues. Wake up. Realise what you are doing. You need to stop. Some things can’t be fixed. Before you know it will be too late. Too much damage to the earth and the people. Too much death. The earth keeps us alive with its clean air, nature and provides for us.
You are hurting and killing the very one thing that is keeping you alive. It’s disappointing. And it’s disgusting. WAKE UP AND STOP
Indigo 2023-11-22 23:06:51 +1100
Lorraine 2023-11-22 22:39:35 +1100
Pauline 2023-11-22 22:20:45 +1100
Lynne 2023-11-22 22:16:10 +1100
Anne 2023-11-22 21:23:43 +1100
Stephanie 2023-11-22 20:47:29 +1100
Fossil fuels must go if we are to survive. Banks won’t survive climate breakdown.
Mara 2023-11-22 19:54:45 +1100
Kammy Cordner 2023-11-22 19:53:13 +1100
Ingrid 2023-11-22 19:31:23 +1100
Marcia 2023-11-22 19:00:11 +1100
I am ANZ member and am very disappointed and frustrated that ANZ finances Climate damage.
Susie 2023-11-22 18:43:34 +1100
Angela 2023-11-22 18:08:25 +1100
Stop funding fossil fuels or I am out of anz and I’m a customer
Stephen 2023-11-22 17:53:34 +1100
Candida 2023-11-22 17:31:02 +1100