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ANZ has a climate problem. If ANZ is serious about its commitment to net zero emissions, it cannot keep lending to new or expanded coal, oil or gas projects, which are turbocharging the climate crisis. Yet since 2016, Market Forces research tells us, ANZ have loaned $2.5 billion to fossil fuel expansions. If built, these expansion projects would produce more than eight times Australia's entire domestic emissions.

Bushfires, drought – the climate crisis is here, now, and ANZ must do the right thing by all of us and shift the billions of dollars they are responsible for out of burning and digging fossil fuels like coal. 

At this year's Annual General Meeting, it's time for ANZ to choose renewable energy, not more fossil fuels.

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"As concerned citizens, customers, shareholders, and employees, we call on ANZ to stop financing the digging and burning of fossil fuels. The first steps are:

  1. divesting from thermal coal by 2030 or earlier;
  2. divesting from oil & gas in line with the Paris climate agreement;
  3. not investing in new or expansion coal, gas & oil projects;

Burning fossil fuels is the biggest driver of climate damage. We are concerned about the climate crisis and want action."


Latest Supporters

Sue 2023-09-08 16:43:48 +1000
Frankly I am shocked at the extremely low commitment ANZ is showing to the climate emergency. I bank with you but will seriously consider changing to one your competitors after I have seen your miserable response. YOU CAN DO BETTER!
Clare 2023-08-15 17:15:31 +1000
Jeremy 2023-08-15 12:20:46 +1000
Gary 2023-08-14 18:36:42 +1000
Richard 2023-08-12 08:44:20 +1000
Kevin 2023-07-25 00:08:57 +1000
I’m an ANZ customer and have been for over 20 years – I’m dismayed that ANZ is still funding fossil fuels and will be looking at changing banks if something doesn’t change and soon!
Kylie 2023-07-23 18:07:16 +1000
It’s time to respond and act ANZ.
Ruth 2023-07-21 11:22:31 +1000
Elizabeth 2023-07-21 07:09:30 +1000
ANZ is reportedly the least progressive of the big 4 banks for proportion of loans for renewables projects, compared with fossil fuel projects.
The current record world temperatures show how critical transition to renewables is.
ANZ should do its part!
John 2023-07-17 07:51:14 +1000
Colleen 2023-06-25 17:31:15 +1000
Stop using customer’s money to invest in dead-end fossil fuels and start investing in the future – renewable research and technology.
Sue 2023-06-15 23:09:27 +1000
Jade 2023-06-13 18:11:46 +1000
Patricia 2023-06-13 10:04:21 +1000
I have been an ANZ customer for many years. I will be transferring my custom elsewhere due to your record regarding fossil fuels.
Ellen 2023-06-11 17:24:25 +1000
Please ANZ stop funding companies that damage our climate. We need banks to fund renewable energy projects and companies with innovative ideas.
Tina 2023-06-11 10:02:02 +1000
It is beyond belief that this is what ANZ is doing when every scientific study acknowledges climate change as an IMMEDIATE threat to all of us. Your actions tell the community that you do not believe in climate change. Simple as that, align yourself with the corporate goal of promoting profit before responsible citizenship is becoming your reputation
Harari 2023-06-10 13:52:44 +1000
Judith 2023-06-10 12:17:32 +1000
We need action by big business to stop global action. Do not fund fossil fuel busnesses
Michael 2023-06-10 10:57:14 +1000
Kris 2023-06-10 10:16:29 +1000
Robin 2023-06-09 21:40:53 +1000
Jo-Ann 2023-06-09 21:02:28 +1000
Please stop financing non-renewables and get serious about investing in our future!
Sharon 2023-06-09 20:44:18 +1000
The big 4 banks need to stop financing climate change.
Lou 2023-06-09 19:46:31 +1000
It’s too late for a two way bet. Stop financing climate damage, please.
Ann 2023-06-09 19:28:13 +1000
Paul 2023-06-09 19:16:19 +1000
Lynn 2023-06-09 18:13:04 +1000
Elizabeth 2023-06-09 17:41:30 +1000
Barbary 2023-06-09 15:52:42 +1000
Stop financing climate change
Brian 2023-06-09 15:14:29 +1000